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Our 10-year history of 100% uptime across all of our data centers proves our commitment to providing the reliable colocation services you need for mission critical data and IT infrastructure. Our experienced staff and rigorous procedures ensure that you get the continuous service and support you need to meet the demands of a 24/7 world. We are so confident we can deliver 100% reliable and continuous service, we offer a 100% Uptime SLA.



Tired of punitive and restrictive colocation contracts that don’t meet your needs? Doing business with 365 Data Centers is different and our nimble approach and flexible terms allow us to meet your requirements now and in the future. Maybe you need a custom solution? We partner with our customers to support the design of custom and staged data center implementations. Let us know how we can help.



You need the ability to choose the networks that meet the needs of your business. Our carrier neutral data centers are Internet Exchange (IX) friendly and offer connectivity to over 60 carriers including top telecom and cable providers, online video platforms and leading CDNs. We can help match you with providers of services including disaster recovery, dark fiber and high-speed bandwidth. Don’t see the provider you need? Just ask us and we can help.



365 Data Centers operates 8 carrier neutral colocation facilities across the U.S. with convenient downtown locations that offer connectivity to major fiber routes. With data centers in both major and emerging markets, we help customers build the distributed colocation infrastructures they need to deliver low latency service, lower transport costs and support disaster backup plans.


Data Center Map


Our carrier neutral Buffalo data center is located in Main Place, in the middle of Buffalo’s telecom hub.  Buffalo, less than 100 miles from the border, serves as the technology gateway between Canada and the United States as well is being strategically located between New York City, Chicago and Toronto. With 23 carriers to choose from, our Buffalo colocation facility provides our customers with a wide variety of service and connectivity options. Buffalo’s low risk for natural disasters makes it a great choice for disaster recovery backups. Learn more about our reliable and secure Buffalo data center where our customers enjoy competitive pricing and flexible terms that allow them to scale as needed.


Our Chicago data center, located in the financial district, has space to grow while demand for colocation space outpaces supply in the area. With 14 carriers to choose from, this carrier neutral facility gives customers a wide variety of service and connectivity options. Learn more about how secure and reliable colocation services, in combination with flexible terms, are helping Chicago colocation customers expand quickly to meet demand.


Our Detroit area data center is conveniently located in Southfield on Lasher Road, a key fiber communication corridor, where Detroit business connect with the rest of the globe. This carrier neutral colocation facility offers connectivity to 13 carriers for a wide variety of services. Detroit, with its low risk for natural disasters, makes a great choice for disaster recovery backups or network expansion. Capital investment and pro-business initiatives are driving a robust recovery in Detroit. Learn how secure and reliable colocation services, in combination with flexible terms, are helping Detroit colocation customers expand to meet the demands of a growing economy.

Indianapolis DATA CENTER

Located in downtown, near the Lucas Oil Stadium, our Indianapolis colocation facility has room to grow in a city where data center space is at a premium. This carrier neutral data center, which has never had any customer-impacting downtime since it opened, provides access to 14 different carriers that offer a host of different services to meet your requirements. Indianapolis’ low risk for natural disasters and central location makes it a great option for a disaster recovery back up and network expansion. Learn more about our Indianapolis data center and how we can support you with flexible terms today. 


Located in downtown Nashville, near the convention center, our Nashville colocation facility provides secure, reliable and compliant colocation services. Our carrier neutral Nashville data center, with 8 carriers to choose from, gives our customers access to a variety of service and connectivity options along with NashIX (Nashville Internet Exchange) which lowers the cost of Internet Traffic. Nashville’s robust growth fueled is fueled by pro-business initiatives and low taxes. Learn how our flexible terms help our customers expand to meet the growing economy. 


Located in the center of the financial district of New York City, our data center has delivered 100% uptime since opening. Whether you are a Wall Street business or a start-up, we are ready to provide you with reliable, secure and compliant solutions. Learn more about our flexible terms that are designed to help customers in our New York colocation facility scale quickly without restrictive contracts. 

Philadelphia DATA CENTER

Our colocation facility in Philadelphia is in the center of University City where a major innovation initiative is adding over 4 million square feet of space in coming years and start-up activity is booming. Located in the Penn Medicine Science Center, this carrier neutral data center provides access to 9 major telecom providers offering a host of connectivity and service options. Learn more about our secure and reliable Philadelphia data center where our customers benefit from competitive pricing and flexible terms that allow them to scale as they grow.


Our Tampa data center is in the Franklin Exchange building and provides carrier neutral access to 26 different providers so you can select the services that best meet your requirements. Our Tampa colocation facility is the perfect choice for Tampa and Clearwater area businesses that are seeking a secure, reliable and compliant colocation provider who can support them with flexible terms as they grow their businesses. Tampa’s central location makes it a great option for Cloud and Content Providers who are expanding their networks in the Southeast. Tampa is also home to our national customer service center where our staff is monitoring systems 24x7x365.

Recent News



365 Data Centers Acquired by Investor and Management Group

An investor group, led by Chirisa Investments in partnership with Lumerity Capital LLC and Longboat Advisors LLC, announced today that it has acquired 365 Data Centers, a leading provider of data center solutions for carrier, content and cloud customers in eight strategic markets. Bob DeSantis, previously Co-founder and Managing Partner of Xand, has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at 365 Data Centers.


Education Networks of America Chooses 365 Data Centers to Support Expansion

365 Data Centers, announced today that Education Networks of America (ENA) has moved into its Indianapolis data center location. ENA is a leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider for K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries that supports education and library communities in 33 states nationwide. ENA was seeking a carrier-dense data center that could support its rapid expansion and enable its transition to DC power to reduce power costs.


365 Data Centers and Indiana Fiber Network Partner to Deliver Enhanced Services in Indiana

365 Data Centers announced that Indiana Fiber Network (IFN), the leading Indiana statewide Network Service Provider, has established a point-of-presence (PoP) in its Indianapolis location.  This PoP will expand cloud connectivity options and provide peering access to the Midwest Internet Exchange (MidWest-IX).



Ten Benefits of Colocation That Make it a Great Choice for Businesses

Making the decision whether to use colocation, or outsourced data center services, is an important one for businesses of any size.  Where you house your applications and data has a major impact on your expenses, your ability to scale, and the performance of your applications.  When making this critical decision there are at least ten key criteria and benefits of colocation to consider.


4 Advantages that Local Businesses get from using Edge Colocation Providers

I was talking to a prospect about our colocation services recently when he asked me why his company should care about our 365 Data Center edge colocation services. He runs the IT department for a mid-sized service company headquartered in Indianapolis.  He went on to express concern about our focus on tier two markets and wondered if our service levels were as good as those in first tier markets.  Good questions.




Selecting the right backup location for your primary data center is a critical component of every disaster recovery plan.  If you pick a location that is too close, your backup might be subjected to the same disaster that impacts your primary data center.  Choose a site that is too far away, and you are faced with a different set of challenges.