May 24, 2017

What is Edge Colocation?

After years of working in the high tech industry, it is easy to forget that not everyone understands or uses the acronyms and terms that we throw around on a daily basis. One of those terms is “edge colocation”.

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May 19, 2017

The Recipe for Delivering a 100% Uptime SLA for Data Center Services

365 Data Centers’ services are backed by a 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA), which means we are financially committed to providing cooling and power for your equipment 24/7/365. We are proud that we have not had any customer impacting downtime in over ten years.

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February 22, 2017

Ten Benefits of Colocation That Make it a Great Choice for Businesses

Making the decision whether to use colocation, or outsourced data center services, is an important one for businesses of any size.  Where you house your applications and data has a major impact on your expenses, your ability to scale, and the performance of your applications.  When making this critical decision there are at least ten key criteria and benefits of colocation to consider.

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February 07, 2017

4 Advantages that Local Businesses get from using Edge Colocation Providers

I was talking to a prospect about our colocation services recently when he asked me why his company should care about our 365 Data Center edge colocation services. He runs the IT department for a mid-sized service company headquartered in Indianapolis.  He went on to express concern about our focus on tier two markets and wondered if our service levels were as good as those in first tier markets.  Good questions.


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