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02 Feb

The top 25 movers and shakers in the finance, investment and funding of data centres and cloud

Data Economy introduces the first finance and investment focused list of its kind with the data centre and cloud sectors’ top minds involved in the sector’s innovative financial governorship.

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09 Jan

Telecom Ramblings M&A Review

Telecom Ramblings included 365 Data Centers in the colocation edition of its 2018 M&A review.

01 Nov

The Growing Importance of Compliance and Security in Health Care

The Growing Importance of Compliance and Security in Health Care written by Jason Katz November 1, 2017 The evolution of technology—and the rate at which it’s advancing—is amazing. A generally accepted rule of thumb is that capabilities increase by a rate of 10x every five years. It includes compute resources, storage and speed. In the health-care industry, where ironclad data protection is always top of mind, compliance and security require regular assessment and, when necessary, updating.

10 Jul

Edge Data Centers in the Self-Driving-Car Future

If you listen to analysts and tech evangelists, the next few years will see a big wave of deployment of computing clusters in cities, at cell-tower sites and telco central offices, in big-box retail outlets, airports, and manufacturing plants.