365 Data Centers Featured in Mission Critical Magazine: Meeting the Demand on The Edge

Jun 17, 2019 Jeff Slapp - Vice President, Cloud & Managed Services

5G and edge computing are very much symbiotic technologies, whose mutually beneficial relationship will support a wide variety of exciting new IoT-based applications and other emerging technologies for businesses and consumers alike.

In a recent Mission Critical Magazine article, I offer insight into the potential impact of these twin technologies and how companies can meet the demand on the edge during this unprecedented time of exponential growth. Furthermore, I talk about the importance of colocating at the edge to ensure low latency so that smart systems and applications can function optimally.

I also point to a layered ecosystem as a critical roadmap to enable next generation technologies in edge markets. As the demand surges for smarter connectivity with augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and IoT-based systems in various stages of deployment, this is critical. And of course, these next-generation systems and applications must arrive at our doorsteps, streets, workplaces, and mobile devices as technology humanized — which is to say, easily consumable, reliable, secure and accessible for all.

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