Sep 08, 2017

365 DATA CENTERS IS PREPARED FOR HURRICANE IRMAThe 2017 hurricane season has arrived with a vengeance and Irma is predicted to slam Florida, home to both our NOC (Network Operations Center) and our Tampa Data Center. This is the season that puts data center operations staff to the test. We take the responsibility of keeping our data centers running through hurricanes very seriously. Delivering uptime for our customers is what we do. Pure and simple. As we learned during Hurricane Harvey, the critical infrastructure and lines of communications housed in data centers can support the safety of residents. Twitter and Facebook became critical lines of communications for citizens to coordinate rescues when 911 lines and emergency personnel were overwhelmed. Preparing our data centers to power through a hurricane and other weather-related events is a year-round job at 365. You can read more about the rigors of our ongoing processes here. Our experienced staff has delivered 100% uptime through a number of hurricanes including Sandy which significantly impacted New York City and Hermine which swept through Tampa last year.

We implemented our emergency plans earlier this week in preparation for Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm, which is predicted to be one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded. Our NOC (Network Operations Center) team and data center teams have executed a wide range of tests to ensure systems are ready. We will continue to monitor the storm carefully and have daily meetings to coordinate. Generators are tested and fuel tanks are full. Our fuel suppliers are on standby to deliver a steady supply of fuel to keep the data center running in the event of a prolonged power outage.

The safety and wellbeing of our employees is our first priority followed by minimizing the effect of the storm on our services. We bring in food and water for onsite staff who are likely to live onsite for the duration of the hurricane. In the event that our Tampa NOC is compromised or evacuated, a fully redundant NOC in Nashville will provide continuous monitoring of all systems and deliver customer service in our normal fashion.

During the storm, key operations staff will hunker down on site to also monitor all systems. Irma will put the team and local residents to the test. It is our sincere hope that the storm results in the least possible damage or harm to our communities and customers. After the storm, we will review and document our learning from Irma in preparation for the next challenge.