4 Advantages that Local Businesses get from using Edge Colocation Providers

Feb 07, 2017 Steve Weaver - Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Edge-Colocation-Advantage-(3).jpgI was talking to a prospect about our colocation services recently when he asked me why his company should care about our 365 Data Center edge colocation services. He runs the IT department for a mid-sized service company headquartered in Indianapolis.  He went on to express concern about our focus on tier two markets and wondered if our service levels were as good as those in first tier markets.  Good questions.

While the majority of our customers are located within a few miles of our data centers, the benefits of providing data center and connectivity services in tier two markets might not be obvious to local businesses. Content Providers and Cloud Providers appreciate the edge locations because it helps them reduce both latency and transport costs while improving service.  What about local businesses? Local businesses actually get great benefits from using an edge colocation provider:

  1. With over 75% of Internet traffic being attributed to services like Netflix, YouTube, and Akamai, these companies are aggressively expanding their networks into tier two markets. Their ability to push their networks closer to users is critical to their bottom lines and the quality of their services. Local businesses in these same data centers benefit from the investment carriers and cloud providers are making into the edge.  In many of our tier 2 markets, carrier choice rivals some tier 1 markets.  That means direct connections to your preferred private or public network provider or choosing from a list of quality local and long-haul networks.  In each of our sites, carrier-density also provides direct on-ramps to the large public clouds for hybrid deployments.  Major content and cloud providers also require diverse fiber entrances, top-tier 7x24 support, accurate and timing billing, and site teams that know how to stand in when assistance is needed.  All of these attributes are available to local businesses plus the added benefit of being local makes access easy when they need it.
  2. Every disaster recovery plan includes a full replication back up in another city.  With 11 different locations, we can help you select a DR back-up location that makes the most sense for your business including proximity, natural disaster risk, and which of our 60+ carriers offer end-to-end disaster recovery solutions.
  3. Most importantly, 365 is firmly committed to providing first-tier service and support in tier two markets like Nashville, Indianapolis, Detroit and Tampa because we believe that the innovation and expansion in these cities will continue to support above average growth for years to come. In our book, second tier markets are our number one priority.
  4. Whether you are expanding your business into new metros or concerned about improving the online experience of your customers, finding a data center provider who can support your growth is crucial.  Edge providers like 365 Data Centers are set up to support growth and network expansion.

Edge colocation is here to stay given the huge growth in Internet connected devices, streaming video, and 4K video.  Feel free to reach out to explore how it can help your business.