5 Key Factors in Selecting Your Law Firm’s Data Center Solutions Provider

Dec 21, 2018 Bob DeSantis - Chief Executive Officer

Deciding on a data center solutions provider for your company can be a daunting experience for anyone, but those working in the legal profession should be especially attentive to the latest trends in the IT industry. As client communications become increasingly digitized and securely archiving materials becomes more of a priority, law firms need to understand how solutions such as colocation and hybrid cloud can best serve their business and their clients. That said, not all data center providers are created equal.

As your law firm begins the process of selecting a vendor to suit its IT requirements, here are five365_LawBlogPhoto_1.jpg key factors to consider.

1. Scalability & Range of Options

Whether your company is a boutique law firm employing a handful of staff or a large organization with offices all over the globe representing clients with international business, your specific IT needs (current and future) should be considered from the outset. From more simple colocation where a firm may use a data center mainly as a data storage facility to hosted options that require the use of the data center’s own networks, servers and other equipment, firms should take note of the wide range of services available to address their requirements - and which solutions will be able to grow with them. At 365 Data Centers, we have you covered regardless of the type and size of solution needed.

2.  Reliability

As they say, time is money, and the IT world is no exception. When considering a colocation solution for your law firm, you should be aware of the data center’s performance record and its availability. With over ten years of continuous uptime across our facilities, 365 Data Centers ensures around-the-clock access, offering a 100% power SLA guarantee.

3.  Security

With issues such as data security and privacy at stake, law firms should be even more aware of their data center provider’s cybersecurity safeguards. One breach could mean that clients could potentially end their relationship with their legal counsel, losing faith in the firm and the attorneys that were hired to represent a client’s best interest. 365 Data Centers provides 24/7/365 monitoring to meet strict data retention and security requirements.

4.  Compliance

While your firm is focused on the law and how your clients are impacted by changes to state and federal codes, 365 is making sure that we’re up to code in our own way. We are proud of ou365_LawBlogPhoto_2.jpgr compliance status with a number of national and international standards, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, VISA, SSAE 16, SOC 2, and ISAE 3402. Just as new laws and regulations are constantly being introduced, 365 stays on the cutting edge by remaining compliant as oversight agencies and standards bodies change or update their requirements.

5.  Customer Service

Legal terminology may be complex and full of Latin phrases, but communicating with your data center solutions provider shouldn’t feel like learning a new language. That’s why 365 strives to ensure that any questions you may have about our services can be answered quickly and in a way so that any member of your firm’s staff can make informed decisions about our solutions.

Whether you’re in the early stages of deciding how your IT needs should be met or far along in the process, 365 Data Centers is there every step of the way. Questions? Contact us today.