Basic Principles of Disaster Recovery and Security Measures

Nov 01, 2017

There are several basic principles that you should encourage your IT team to implement to facilitate optimal Disaster Recovery (DR) and security practices. Some seem to think that having a data backup plan is enough, but that’s not always the case. Security is a huge concern and should be looked at as a priority to ensure your business has the resilience to withstand a potential attack or disaster. Not all disasters can be predicted, but with the right plan in place your team can act quickly to minimize impact and restore services when disaster strikes.

Educate Your Staff, Disaster Recovery, Cybersecurity, Security, Network Security, IT, IT SecurityBasic technical education can go a long way to ensuring the overall security of your organization. One wrong click of an email can open the flood gates to a cyberattack! It’s important to preempt that type of vulnerability by identifying the types of suspicious emails your employees should avoid. There are varying levels of technological savviness across any organization, so not all employees will inherently understand the variety of threats that they face in their inbox. A couple of informative training sessions could be the difference between business as usual and a devastating blow to your bottom line.

Secure IT Systems and Technological Property

Part of maintaining your security is keeping your IT systems up-to-date with the latest patches and updates. By setting the appropriate security measures, employees have limited control over the software that’s uploaded to their individual work computer. Proper security maintenance allows the IT department to have complete visibility and control over the entry points into your IT systems.

Partner with Security and Disaster Recovery Experts

It is important to have a trusted partner involved when implementing a disaster recovery and security strategy. has a full Business Continuity (BC) and security portfolio, which includes a variety of DRaaS solutions. Whether it be a natural disaster or a manmade disaster – we have you covered!

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