Boca Raton: A Dream City for a Data Center

Feb 07, 2018 Kristen Knauer - Client Success Manager

365 Data Centers,colocation,data center,Boca Raton,Florida,South FloridaKnown for its amazing golf courses and relaxing beaches, Boca Raton has become something of a “techy” city over the last decade, serving as home to plenty of companies on the edge of innovation, so it only makes sense that a world-class data center with ample connectivity and colocation opportunities also calls Boca its home.

The 365 Data Centers Boca Raton facility is one of the company’s newest data center assets as a result of its acquisition of former South Florida-based hybrid data center provider, The Boca Raton facility served as’s flagship data center site prior to being acquired and is now an important part of 365 Data Centers’ network footprint.

Here are the reasons why we love our Boca Raton facility:

Security and Compliance

Over the last few years, security has become an even higher priority for CIOs and their IT department personnel due to a barrage of cyberattacks. The 365 Data Centers team places security at the very top of their priority list, which is reflected by the stringent security measures of the Boca Raton facility. The data center features 200+ security cameras with monitoring and recording, man trap, biometric, card key access, alarm/key monitoring, and CCTV & DVR surveillance. It also has a five-layer security protocol for access to client colocation space.

365 Data Centers employs its own security staff that is dedicated to monitoring who comes in and out of the facility around the clock, for an added layer of protection. The Boca Raton facility is HIPAA, PCI DSS 3.0, VISA, SSAE 16 and SOC 2 compliant, and features redundant power, cooling and 24/7/365 security, like all 10 of 365’s data centers.

Built to Withstand Hurricane Season

The 19,700 sq. ft. Boca Raton data center facility is strategically located on the “Boca Ridge”, the highest point in Boca Raton, as an extra precaution against potential hurricanes in the area. All buildings on the Boca Raton campus were constructed with type 1 concrete and feature rebar installed every four feet on load-bearing walls in addition to the solid concrete pour of the North wall.

The facility has a 4-ply bitumen roof system, in addition to 4 inches of poly-iso foam that increases efficiency by keeping heat out of the data center – and containing cold air. The roof is built to withstand 225 mph winds and can withstand 330lbs per sq. inch of uplift. In addition to these features, it is also custom engineered to protect against lightning strikes.

The exterior of the building features an armored screen made of ballistic nylon that protects any exterior openings from projectiles during a hurricane or tropical storm. The screen is made to withstand multiple projectiles traveling at speeds of up to 260 mph. This technology allows for the deflection of energy, which, in turn, allows it to absorb energy for a much safer alternative than a rigid barrier option.

Humanized Approach Facilitated by On-Site Team

The offices of our Boca Raton-dedicated team members are located on-site at the 49,850 sq. ft. campus that houses the data center, which helps us deliver on the humanized approach that we offer our clients. Our staff is available to handle any client issues at a moment’s notice and can schedule time to meet regarding new, existing or expanded services.

Interested in touring the Boca Raton facility? Schedule a tour here.