Cloud Adoption Apprehensions

Oct 12, 2017, Cloud Computing, South Florida, Data Center, 365 Data CentersWhile upfront IT spending is always a constant concern, the idea of allocation to cloud infrastructure is growing as organizations start weighing out the CapEx vs OpEx models. More and more vendors are offering a cloud-based solution, which is a concern for certain folks that have an IT job function. What most people do not know is, you can still maintain control over your environment with the cloud and you can profit from it as well.

The cloud is a buzz word that is either liked or disliked – really depending on who you’re talking to. As an IT decision maker, the solution is to build faith in your technology expertise instead of worrying about losing your job.

Many organizations are used to maintaining in-office infrastructures which, to most IT folks, means job security and control. With the introduction of the cloud, much of that infrastructure is changing and often times being completely eliminated.

Billions of dollars are spent every year ensuring the integrity of the cloud. Turning to cloud services does not have to be expensive, as it can be more cost efficient long term.

Don’t virtualize if you don’t need to, as you can potentially run the risk of performance issues if not done correctly. By leveraging a partner, such as, we have the expertise and the technical minds to help design your overall cloud strategy. Moving to the cloud is not for everyone, as in some cases it makes sense to procure hardware and store offsite in a datacenter for maximum uptime and reliability.

Always consider your options before making a huge technical decision based on price and impulse alone. By working with a partner, such as, we can tailor a specific cloud offering or off site colocation offering based on the needs of your organization.