Cloud Solutions: The New Heartbeat of Health Care

Nov 07, 2017

Cloud Solutions: The New Heartbeat of Health CareIn recent years, more and more health care providers have done away with traditional paper files and folder systems in favor of software that electronically records, tracks and transmits patient medical information. According to PracticeFusion, “Less than a decade ago, nine out of ten doctors in the U.S. updated their patients’ records by hand and stored them in color-coded files. By the end of 2017, approximately 90 percent of office-based physicians nationwide will be using electronic health records (EHRs).”

At the turn of the century, businesses of all kinds were setting up onsite server rooms because they thought it was a secure and convenient place to store their data. However, this model is quickly changing, as onsite servers are not only costly from both a setup and maintenance standpoint, but also present challenges in meeting HIPAA and other compliance standards, as 365 Data Centers’ Jason Katz noted in his recent Data Center Journal article on the topic.

Most health care organizations do not have the time or financial resources to manage their own server infrastructure, so partnering with a cloud solutions provider has proven to be a more cost-effective and secure alternative in migrating to a digital environment. Below we outline some of the main benefits of migrating your health care facility to the cloud:


Scheduling, accounting and billing are the main mission-critical functions for the business side of health care facilities of all sizes. These days, there are a variety of affordable subscription cloud services that can aid your health care office staff with the aforementioned functions. Using cloud-based applications to manage these functions over traditional server-based software creates the potential for large OPEX savings. Utilizing the cloud also offers savings in terms of personnel, allowing for a smaller, more focused IT staff that can keep their main focus on the other technological assets of the facility.


Any reputable cloud solution will have customer support channels that you can reach out to in the event that an application goes down. If you had applications running through an onsite server, your staff would be tasked with identifying and mitigating issues. Since data is stored remotely, cloud-based solutions are also more conducive for health care practices that are too small to have a dedicated IT staff or the space to house a large server.


Cloud solutions allow doctors to instantaneously transport patient records, diagnostic test results and communicate remotely, without the hassle of having to physically send paper files through the postal system. This allows for streamlined diagnoses, enhanced care and increased patient satisfaction.

Security, Disaster Recovery & Compliance

Cloud technology is inherently more secure than data stored in an onsite server room. When data is in “the cloud,” the servers that hold your data are located behind the ultra-secure walls of a data center, which are guaranteed to have more stringent security measures in place than an onsite server at your medical facility. Since cloud providers house their servers in off-site data centers that are built to withstand natural disasters, your data is in better hands should a disaster strike. Cloud providers can also implement data encryption, fine-grained access controls and access logging to further bolster the level of security protecting your data.

In addition to being security experts, cloud service providers that serve medical organizations must meet PCI, SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance standards that your in-house IT team is likely less equipped to meet. Your patient data is extremely valuable and is best entrusted to experts whose sole focus is protecting it.

A Humanized Approach to Cloud Services

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