Equifax Security Breach

Sep 21, 2017

With everything that has been going on, from manmade disasters to natural disasters, the recent Equifax security breach may have people thinking twice about their security strategy. Security has been the “hot topic” this year and that probably won’t be changing any time soon.

Amid two record-breaking natural disasters with Hurricane Harvey and Irma in the southeast United States, a third not-so-natural disaster has been uncovered that encompasses the entire country.  By now, you’ve heard that Equifax, one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies, has suffered a major security breach and theft of data.

Over 143 million consumers had their personal information stolen, including social security numbers, names, addresses and birthdays – and in some cases driver’s license numbers and credit card numbers.  This represents about 44% of the total US population. Though the attack started sometime mid-May, the breach was not discovered until July 29th and it was made public on September 8th, 2017.

Although Equifax is providing everyone with a free credit monitoring service for one year, since personal information was stolen, that data may be used years from now, not just within the next year.


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