Have you been putting off your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Sep 19, 2017

Host.net, Disaster Recovery, DR, South Florida, South Florida Disaster Recovery, DR Plan, Disaster Recovery PlanWe’re at the peak of hurricane season, which won’t end until late November. Hurricanes definitely heighten awareness of how dependent organizations have become on technology. Unless you have a generator, when power is lost, so is technology. Gas stations, traffic lights, and grocery stores all need power to run properly. You can’t even charge your cell phone without power!

Disaster Recovery planning should be, at a minimum, an annual exercise. Technology, processes and even employees can change annually, so revisiting your plan is key. Another thing to consider is establishing a hurricane team, which is essential to any organization in an area that can potentially be impacted.

Emergency procedures and technology expectations

  • Establish a hurricane team (5-6 people)
    • Corporate Communication
    • IT Executives
    • COO
    • Disaster Recovery Coordinator
  • Hurricane team to meet every other day until business closed
  • Prepare important communication for internal employees
  • Prepared emergency messaging
  • DR prepared checklist
  • Ensure a safe place for those working during the storm

If your organization is unsure about their current DR plan, contact the team at Host.net for a free risk assessment.

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