How 365 Brings a “Technology Humanized” Approach to Hybrid, Edge Data Center Solutions

May 30, 2018 Bob DeSantis - Chief Executive Officer

You may have noticed that a new tagline cropped up underneath our logo a few months back: Technology Humanized™, it says. In a year full of big changes for 365 Data Centers (see our News page for the highlights), a logo redesign is par for the course.365_Logo_humanized_final_UpdatedMarch2018.png

However, this isn’t just a simple aesthetic update; it’s a symbol of a guiding principle behind our business model and a reminder of what our customers and partners can expect from us every day.  

So, given the importance of these two words to 365 as a company, I’d like to take a moment to explain what exactly we mean by “Technology Humanized.”

At 365 Data Centers, we don’t take our partnerships lightly. At our very core is a strong focus on personalized relationships with clients, partners and vendors. Our tagline encompasses this approach, highlighting how we’re different from other data center and cloud providers. We don’t send you to a cold online portal to purchase a one-size-fits-all solution and sign an asterisk-heavy contract that no one has fully explained. Instead, we work closely with you to design the most optimal IT solution to meet your specific requirements, answering any questions along the way. We make sure to hire and train the best technical and sales professionals, who have expertise in serving your IT and network environments and will exceed your expectations with a sense of urgency.

A data center may seem impersonal with its rows of whirring computers, but it exists to connect people and store information that’s precious to them. Likewise, our friendly, talented and caring team is here to connect directly with the people behind our client and partner logos. We love face-to-face meetings, getting to know our partners and their incredible work, and brainstorming IT solutions that help them surpass their goals.

Though automation is a burgeoning trend and an incredibly useful approach in many IT situations, we don’t believe in automating our client interactions.

At 365 Data Centers, we believe technology is a powerful tool to help people and accelerate ideas, and that’s where our passion lies. So the latest and greatest technology, while we certainly invest in that, is not the end goal for us — instead, we leverage that technology as a tool to help our clients, partners and employees succeed. In short, technology is about the human component for us, which is why “Technology Humanized” is the perfect tagline for 365. From our client service, to our dedication to community involvement, to our commitment to building careers, this approach permeates everything we do. 

If you’re interested in a more humanized approach to your IT needs, contact us today.