How 365 Data Centers is Helping in a covid-19 world

Part one: the big move - from the office to the kitchen table

Aug 04, 2020

Almost overnight, millions of people turned their living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms into makeshift offices. Companies across the globe had to quickly create a plan to continue business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most organizations implemented a work from home strategy for non-essential personnel.

Many companies are now left wondering, “What comes next?” Businesses around the world have adapted to the growing challenges of managing their remote workers. Now companies are faced with the decision to either reopen offices or consider downsizing or even closing their physical office space.

Across the world, as office buildings in many major markets remain dark and silent, the office footprint is still a Untitled-design-(1).pngmajor overhead expense. The trend of working from home was already well under way but quick responses of businesses to adapt amid the pandemic further proved that remote work is not only feasible and acceptable but also more efficient in many cases. Because of this, the Economists predicts corporations in professional services will cut their real estate in half, if not more.  Companies that are considering closing or downsizing their office space are faced with the decision of what to do with their critical data infrastructure and networking gear now that they do not have an office or a local IT staff.

Colocation, the practice of housing privately owned servers and networking equipment in third party data centers, will help companies overcome some of these obstacles. Colocation providers, such as 365 Data Centers, provide companies with a safe and secure environment to relocate their critical infrastructure.  365 Data Centers guarantees 100% uptime for their clients and provides generator backed power and cooling, dedicated internet service connected to multiple Tier 1 providers, enhanced security measures, access to hundreds of network carriers, on-site professional experts to help with your IT support needs, and the ability to utilize a network of connected data centers to support geographic diversity requirements.

Employees and business leaders alike have adjusted to this new way of working and companies now have options to consider when deciding their next move. Finding the right data center to host your critical infrastructure is crucial. 365 Data Centers’ integrated, all-in-one solution offers your team the flexibility to meet your colocation, network, cloud, and managed service needs. 365 Data Centers is laser focused on delivering reliable and secure colocation services no matter what happens.

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