IoT and the Edge: A Data Network Perspective

Aug 16, 2018 Bob DeSantis - Chief Executive Officer

365_ConnectedDevices.jpgYou’ve probably heard the staggering stats about the Internet of Things (IoT). IDC has estimated that there will be 30 billion connected “things” by 2020 and a $1.7 trillion revenue opportunity to suit.

But what does that mean for the data networks supporting this trend?

I address that question in Pipeline’s latest issue

“It wasn’t long ago that the industry was taken by storm by cloud computing, and now—before many enterprises have even begun to leverage that model — we’re on to the next thing, turning the cloud approach on its head with talk of edge and fog computing,” the article states. “In just a few years, edge has started to take hold — at least of conversations and, increasingly, budgets.”

“The way internet infrastructure evolves has everything to do with the changing workloads that networks must store and process, and one of the most revolutionary shifts with regard to the amount and complexity of network data comes with the advent of IoT.”

The article addresses:

  • IoT drivers and use cases — and why edge computing is a good fit to support those requirements
  • Edge vs. cloud
  • IoT security
  • Next steps for IoT networks — how is the industry adjusting to support this shift?

Check out the full article, titled “Supporting IoT’s Push to the Edge,” on Pipeline’s website.