October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

How Safe is Your Business From a Data Breach?

Oct 28, 2019

Promoting awareness of the risks of everything from social media and eCommerce, to phishing expeditions and the vulnerabilities of the smart home, October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at the Department of Homeland Security is making efforts to ensure that all Americans have the resources needed to be safer and more secure online. However, the cyber threat landscape facing the enterprise today is at least as formidable, and falling victim to data breach can be profoundly more costly, than it might be for the average citizen.

Cyberattacks resulting in service disruption or a data breach can have devastating repercussions for businesses. Recently, the 2018-2019 Global Application and Network Security Report found that the average cost of a cyberattack is $1.67 million. More than one out of two companies surveyed pointed to other adverse effects such as operational and productivity loss, while 43 percent cited negative customer experience. An astounding 21 percent reported daily attacks, an increase from 13 percent in 2018.

365 Data Centers provides hands-on, end-to-end expertise to meet organizations’ cybersecurity needs, beginning with consultation and assessments and culminating with a fully managed cybersecurity solution, implemented and deployed at one or more of 365’s 11 U.S.-based facilities. 365’s Cyber Security Solutions remove the burden of day-to-day cybersecurity management with a suite of full-service Managed Security and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Operations solutions.

Supported via a partnership with Tel-Networks, 365 Data Centers recently launched a comprehensive product suite offering solutions from leading cybersecurity vendors, including Arctic Wolf, Cisco, Cybraics, CYBRIC, Exabeam, Forcepoint, HelpSystems, Illumio, LIFARS, Micro Focus, RedSeal, SecurAuth, Secureworks, Securonix, TrapX and many more. These products allow businesses to consolidate and simplify the cost of acquiring, deploying and supporting critical cybersecurity management functions while providing rapid incident response when security events occur.

Why is rapid incident response so critical? Because the faster a data breach can be identified and contained, the lower the costs. According to research by the Ponemon Institute, when the Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) a breach is more than 100 days, the average estimated cost rises to $3.83 million.

With stakes this high, 365 Data Centers’ objective is to provide our enterprise customers, along with carriers and content providers, the most advanced cybersecurity solutions available anywhere in the industry. Our full-service Managed SIEM and Security Operations solutions include complete end-point protection, CASB, Insider Threat, Applications Security, Security Audit and Assessment Services, Network Security, Digital Resilience, Micro Segmentation, Advanced Deception Grid, Compliance and Database Exfiltration Control.

At first glance, cybersecurity can be viewed as a complex business, but it’s really one that requires simple but critical measures to ward off attack. At home, make sure you set a strong and unique password to secure your network. Increase your WiFi security by activating encryption. Keep your router’s software up-to-date and use a firewall.

However, if you’re a CTO or CIO, you need to undertake a more comprehensive approach. Embed cybersecurity across your entire digital transformation framework: your people, processes, network, servers, and applications. Doing so is the only way to mitigate risk and ensure that your organization, its operations, your customers and partners, and your brand reputation remain intact, secure and protected.