Online Sports Betting and 365 Data centers

Sep 09, 2020

In May 2018, the United States Supreme Court made the landmark decision to reverse the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992.  Under this act, sports betting was previously prohibited in many states. With the high court’s actions, online sports betting is now legal in 18 states.  Since this reversal, the growth of legal sports betting skyrocketed and drastically increased the needs of online sports betting companies’ data and connectivity needs.

Online Sports Betting Gains Traction

According to ESPN, $20 billion has been bet with U.S. sportsbooks since the Supreme Court struck down PASPA. Sports betting includes numerous ways to place wagers on sporting events including bookmaking shops, telephone betting services, and now, online betting services. Online betting has gained popularity as most traditional bookmakers and sportsbooks operate their own platforms that allow fans to place wagers. Users have embraced online betting because of its convenience, easy setup and simple funding. Once users are set up, they can place wages anytime from the comfort of their home with their smartphone or computer.

What Does It Mean For Data Center Providers Such as 365 Data Centers?

As online sports betting becomes more popular, companies need to be able to handle the influx of data and Sports-Betting-for-Blog.pngnetworking needs. In addition, live betting is surfacing, which allows fans to place bets on the action as it’s happening. With these trends creating more demand for data, companies need to ensure that their platform is secure, reliable, fast, and always up for users to make wages in real-time.

A robust and resilient network is vital for online sports betting operators as bets need to be placed securely and immediately. 365 Data Centers helps sports betting clients by providing colocation and connectivity services to ensure their platforms are up and running for real-time wages and use. Along with 365 Data Centers’ 12 colocation facilities, the 365 extensive fiber optic backbone and metro ethernet network covers most major metropolitan markets ensuring 99.99% uptime. With 365’s services, sports betting companies have the ability to quickly scale and upgrade their capacity needs for this influx of data while having confidence that their information is secure, reliable, and protected.

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