Q&A with Master Agent Dan Pirigyi from TCG

May 20, 2019

Danheadshot-(2).JPGDan Pirigyi is a telecom industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience. Currently, he’s a partner at Telecom Consulting Group (TCG), one of the largest master agencies in the Southeast. Pirigy shares his insights on industry trends affecting master agents and why 365 is his partner program of choice.

Q: As a master agent, what do you look for when deciding on a channel partner like 365?

A: We’re looking for a partner that is committed to the channel and has a track record of success in the channel. We worked with Host.net for more than 10 years and knew that 365’s acquisition of Host.net would only sweeten the opportunities for us. Additionally, 365 offers local support teams who are knowledgeable and they proactively work with our partners on finding and leveraging opportunities in the marketplace.

Q: What is the market demanding when it comes to data center and cloud services?

A: There is a heavy demand for these services and education is often a key element of making the sale. It’s essential to show the customer the economic advantage of utilizing a channel program to set up new services virtually instead of tapping into CapEx dollars.

Q: Why do your sub-agents enjoy partnering with you?

A: TCG is a hands-on people over portals master agency that strives to make the agents’ job easier with a commitment to rewarding their results. We pass along the bonuses a carrier offers, directly to the agents. What’s more, TCG continues to pay those agents for as long as the customer stays on service. In fact, we still continue to pay out residual to the families of agents who have passed through the years.

Q: How do you see this industry changing over the next 10 years?

A: The thirst for more bandwidth as a growing number of businesses move their infrastructure to the cloud won’t slow down. Gigabit speeds will become the norm. Businesses will continue to move to the cloud, and companies will look for every product and service “as-a-service.” The days of buying phone systems, servers, routers and switches, are fading. We want to be on the forefront of these changes and keep an open mind to change.

365 continues to expand its master agent-centric channel program, including bringing on Jeni Weinstein as Senior National Channel Manager to pilot even more growth.

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