SMBs: Take Advantage of the Edge Computing Trend

Jun 05, 2018

365_BuildingCloud.jpgThe data center landscape is shifting. Instead of only accessing content in two places — TV and desktop computers — people are consuming and posting data from all corners of the world across many devices. IoT, 5G, streaming media and other burgeoning technologies require more bandwidth, real-time processing and the most efficient data routes.

These realities are causing data center providers to adjust their strategies. They focused exclusively on Tier One cities for years, but now some of them are branching out into smaller markets and meeting customers where they are via edge facilities.

How does this trend affect small and medium-size businesses (SMBs)? It’s providing them with incredible new opportunities to optimize their IT solutions. 365 Data Centers’ CEO Bob DeSantis tackles that topic in this Data Center Journal article, explaining why and how SMBs should leverage the edge computing trend, and how hybrid IT fits in.

“Increasingly, SMBs need cost-effective, agile and scalable solutions that help to ameliorate IT risks and headaches for a small staff,” Bob DeSantis writes in the article. “With hybrid IT, they can have all of the above and get more ‘bang for their buck’ overall. What’s even better? Finding high-bandwidth, cost-effective cloud, hosting and colocation services all from the same provider, right down the street in your second- or third-tier city.”

Head over to Data Center Journal to read the full article.