South Florida Businesses: Make 365 Data Centers Part of Your 2018 Hurricane Season Preparations

Mar 20, 2018 Bob DeSantis - Chief Executive Officer

key-west-81664_1920.jpgLast year Hurricane Irma devastated the South Florida coast with winds reaching 185 mph, making it the second most intense tropical cyclone worldwide in 2017. Unfortunately, several South Florida communities sustained significant damage in the wake of the record-breaking storm. An estimated 3.4 million homes in Miami alone were left without power[1], which is only a fraction of the approximate 16.5 million people who lost power throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Irma’s devastating winds blew through a 70,000 square mile area for a total of 37 consecutive hours and caused mass evacuations throughout the Caribbean and Southeast US.[2]

365-Disaster-Stat-Graphic-v3-for-blog.jpg365 Data Centers’ onsite staff in our Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa data centers are highly experienced in disaster recovery services and, due to our strategic Florida locations, have special expertise in hurricane disaster recovery plans to safeguard our clients’ critical data and keep them running despite the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

As Floridians know, preparations for hurricane season begins, NOW!

Don’t Wait Until a Hurricane is on the Radars to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan!

Far too often, businesses forgo developing a hurricane plan until a storm is imminent, and oftentimes it is too late to get the plan developed and executed with only a few days’ notice. The best thing to do is to work with a provider to develop a thorough plan that includes several disaster scenarios, and identifies the protocols and personnel that need to be mobilized to carry out each scenario – ahead of the beginning of hurricane season! This practice ensures that your team can spring into action with clearly-defined steps to meet immediately, rather than trying to develop a plan in the midst of possible hurricane evacuations.

Migrate to a Secure, Hurricane-Ready Facility

It’s unlikely that your office server room has the capacity; or that your team has the in-house expertise of a data center operator that specializes in safeguarding the equipment that enables your business operations. In the event of a power outage – often the result of a hurricane – the office server room will lose power with the rest of your building. 365 Data Center’s Florida facilities have backup generators to ensure that even if your office loses power, your business critical applications, website and internal communications, will continue to function seamlessly.

Unfortunately, not all office buildings in Florida are designed and constructed to withstand the worst-case-scenario hurricanes. 365 Data Centers is different. Our Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa facilities have exteriors that are built to withstand the worst damaging winds and protect against projectiles with reinforced concrete and other highly-engineered defense mechanisms. Housing your servers and critical data in a facility that has successfully deflected lightning strikes, weathered tornadoes and stood firm throughout the duration of Florida hurricanes guarantees that your business processes and communications will endure even the most severe weather.

And remember: even if your business is on the fringe of a hurricane, you may still lose power. So even if you aren’t located in the funnel, a power outage is still a strong possibility, and a costly one at that!

How Business Continuity Factors into the Equation

Business Continuity (BC) is yet another critical consideration for your overall DR plan for hurricane season. BC solutions allow for the replication of a business’s “virtual machines” and applications off-site at a remote location far outside the reach of the storm, flood, fire or other disaster potentially impacting your business. 365 Data Centers offers a variety of BC options, such as an “always on” solution where your virtual machine is cloned at a secondary site and continuously runs in tandem with the original virtual machine, so that in the event of a disaster, mission critical applications can continue at the secondary site well out of harm’s way. We also offer BC models that are built to failover to a “sister-facility” as a disaster is occurring, supported by our custom network that can offload your virtual machines to any of 365’s 10 data centers, nationwide. In this model, virtual machines do not concurrently run at two or more other facilities, but have the ability to be picked up at another facility to prevent downtime. 

In addition, 365 Data Centers’ facilities in Boca Raton and Tampa offer onsite, fully-functional BC spaces located in private, secure, temperature-controlled suites that are powered by diesel generators. Our suites allow your staff to continue working locally when your office is not available due to power outage, significant wind damage or flooding.

365 Data Centers: Your Disaster Recovery Partner of Choice

We sincerely hope that the 2018 hurricane season spares Florida from the devastation of recent years. However, hurricanes in Florida are highly unpredictable and preparations need to be in place ahead of the season, because no matter how hard they try, forecasters never know when the first storm may hit, or where.

At 365 Data Centers, we are highly focused on making “technology humanized” and creating customized solutions for our clients’ individual needs. We bring this mindset to our approach to disaster recovery– so rest assured our team will help you develop the best hurricane plan to fit your businesses’ unique situation.

Tcover-image.jpghe 365 Data Centers Florida-based team is ready to meet with you to help ensure your critical data is protected and ready in the event of a hurricane. We invite you to tour our Florida facilities to see our specialized building features in person and meet our onsite team. To schedule a tour, please click here or call us at 877-365-6246.

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