Welcome Dan Mahoney, National Account Director, to 365 Data Centers

Aug 05, 2019

365 Data Centers is proud to welcome Dan Mahoney to the team! He recently joined our team as a National Account Director. Dan will be focused on supporting both end customers and valued partnerships in Indianapolis, Chicago and Michigan.

Tell us about your role with 365 Data Centers.

I truly enjoy the flexibility of the 365 Data Centers sales team. I am able to work with Direct Customers, Partnerships and Carrier customers in an open and encouraging environment. I also network with other types of companies in our ecosystem, including cloud providers and access providers that use data centers to sell their products. My role has a hybrid functionality with both wholesale and resale relationships and components, which is a testament to 365 Data Centers commitment to the success of their sales team.

Why did you decide to come to 365 Data Centers?

I was excited to move to a smaller data center company who valued my industry experience and would allow me to leverage my contacts to win business. We are an up and coming provider who is going to grow and accumulate more properties. The positive and upbeat culture here is a breath of fresh air.

What are 365’s differentiators from your perspective?

A lot of data center companies rely on their facilities and their name recognition as a way to get business. We are aggressively focused on customers and relationships and as a result we are able to cater more to our customer’s needs. This commitment to customer satisfaction benefits not only our clients but the industry as a whole. It will be exciting to see this customer-first focus reach even more partners and customers as we grow.

Which types of Indianapolis, Chicago and Michigan-based companies do you think could benefit most from 365’s solutions?
Most IT Managers and Chief Technical Officers enjoy having their facilities accessible to them. In this specific geographic market, there aren’t a lot of options for colocation. However, our data center location is strategically placed to give them an advantage.

There are a couple of reasons why customers and businesses are attracted to markets like Indianapolis, Chicago and Detroit. First, the cloud providers are attempting to reach their tentacles out closer to their customers. Content providers and carriers value deployments in secondary markets such as these so they can be closer to the eyeballs that they serve. 

Secondly, many customers want to fortify their network by having a disaster recovery solution outside of a major market like Chicago. Indianapolis fits this perfectly. Our national network also allows customers to link a deployment in these markets together with their primary deployment and facilitate a solid disaster recovery solution.  

You’ve had a long career in telecom sales. How has the way that consumers buy telecom services changed? How have you seen the telecom industry change?

I think the biggest shift happening right now is that everyone wants to gain access to the cloud. This is complicated because most cloud onramps reside in data centers and accessing them without having a physical presence in the building can be challenging. Many companies are using the internet to gain access to the cloud but that creates security and scalability issues. 365 Data Centers is uniquely positioned to help customers gain access to the cloud and cloud providers while also offering a suite of homegrown cloud products that our customers can enjoy. 

365 is committed to helping our customers get from their location to the data center and then leveraging the data center ecosystem to fulfill their needs. Most IT Managers and CTOs are searching for someone to help them navigate through all of that, and that’s a big part of what 365 Data Centers does.

Now, let’s get a little personal and get to know your other side – outside of work. Where do you live? 

I live in Freeport, Illinois, which is about two hours west of Chicago.

Where did you go to school? 

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa.

Tell us what you love to do in your free time.

I’m a big sports fan. I’ve coached basketball teams from little kids all the way to high school. I’m also a big fan of golfing and enjoy traveling and cruising with my wife and kids. 

I also enjoy spending time with family - they keep me very busy.  I married into a family with five kids and seven grandkids so there is never a dull moment at home. Our home and our hearts are very full.

Thanks for the interview, Dan, and welcome to 365 Data Centers!