Edge Data Centers in the Self-Driving-Car Future

If you listen to analysts and tech evangelists, the next few years will see a big wave of deployment of computing clusters in cities, at cell-tower sites and telco central offices, in big-box retail outlets, airports, and manufacturing plants. These so-called edge data centers will crunch massive amounts of data being generated by sensors, surveillance cameras, smartphones, production equipment, self-driving cars, and everything else that’s today collectively referred to as the Internet of Things.

IoT software will run at every level of the computing and network infrastructure — a single application will have to orchestrate accumulation, analysis, and flow of data generated by end-node devices at those edge computing nodes, in core data centers (both in-house corporate server farms and the hyper-scale facilities operated by cloud providers), and possibly at the end-node devices themselves (an autonomous vehicle has so much computing power you can practically call it a data center of its own).

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