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Accelerate operations—including development, testing and quality assurance, production hosting, and security and compliance—with scalable, reliable, and compliant cloud-based data center solutions.



The use of cloud-based applications and infrastructure continues to transform the IT industry. Companies are changing the way they think about using technology to drive and scale their businesses—opting to use more virtualized servers, web-based applications, and on-demand storage in place of traditional IT infrastructure. This is opening up markets for new cloud providers to offer various cloud-based IT services, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), hosted unified communications, voice-over-IP, private cloud hosting, application hosting, and dedicated and virtual server hosting.


Offering cloud-based applications or infrastructure is not as easy as offering technology alone. As a hardware or software or SaaS provider manufacturer, you are responsible for developing the technology and place the installation, set-up, maintenance and operations in the hands of your customer. As a cloud provider, you are also responsible for the technology in addition to application delivery, performance and security of a web-based, on-demand service.


Colocating with 365 Data Centers enables:

  • Faster innovation and development
  • Scalable testing and QA
  • Improved uptime
  • Improved security and compliance


Data center colocation services can help cloud service providers speed development, improve uptime, reduce data center costs, and improve security and compliance. 365 Data Centers operates 10 data centers across the U.S. and provides data center solutions for enterprise, content and cloud providers, as well as carriers in tier 2 markets.

Cloud-Transforming-IT.jpgCloud Transforming IT

The use of cloud-based applications and infrastructure has transformed the IT industry. It has become an imperative for companies to change the way they think and use technology to drive and scale their businesses. This includes opting for more virtualized servers, webbased applications, and on-demand storage in place of traditional IT infrastructure.

As enterprises continue to modernize their applications and infrastructure, they are expanding their use of subscription-based pricing models—which allow them to pay for the software or hardware they use based on the number of users and how long they use the technology— in place of more traditional perpetual software license models that require paying upfront for the use of software or hardware.

IT refreshes, cloud consumption models, competition, and analytics are driving the growth in cloud services. These market drivers are changing IT buying behavior and opening up markets for new cloud providers to offer IT services, such as Software-as-a-service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and application hosting, among others.

But offering cloud-based applications or infrastructure is not as easy as offering technology alone. You are not only responsible for developing the technology but also responsible for the entire technology as well as the application delivery, performance, and security of a webbased, on-demand service.

365 Data Centers addresses the challenges of making the move to the Cloud possible for cloud service providers, SaaS ISVs, and cloud-based businesses.

Challenges.jpgChallenges for Cloudbased providers

In order to manage and maintain the cloud infrastructure, DevOps requires highly-available, easily accessible and secure environments for dev, test/QA and production.

Development Development

Providers are under constant pressure to innovate faster. Rolling out new features every few weeks requires reliable control over and access to the underlying infrastructure that houses code libraries, key applications and tools.

Production Hosting Production Hosting

The production hosting environment is oftentimes separate from the development and testing/QA environments. The production systems must be up 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Application uptime and performance depend on a variety of factors, including system and application architecture, hardware reliability, power availability, and scalability.

Testing and Quality Assurance Testing and Quality Assurance

Cloud providers develop their platforms on a combination of licensed and open source software as well as a multi-vendor hardware environment. Making changes to code and upgrading and patching hardware and software must be tested before being rolled out into a production environment. Having convenient access to these physical environments is important to the ops team at any cloud provider to enable testing and QA.

Security and Compliance Security and Compliance

Serving enterprise customers requires that a cloud service provider maintain high security of their systems and applications. Compliance regulations include: HIPAA, PCI DSS, VISA, SSAE 16 and SOC.

Move Faster, Improve Performance with Edge Colocation

Managing and maintaining your own data center can be very tedious and costly when you consider the capital expenditures (CAPEX) associated with designing, building, maintaining, and updating a large computing facility. This is where data center colocation services come into play. Colocating with 365 Data Centers enables cloud service providers to accelerate development, improve uptime, reduce data center costs, and improve security and compliance.

Faster Development Faster Development

365 Data Centers allows faster innovation by enabling cloud providers to colocate their core development and backup systems in a secure and reliable data center. DevOps engineers and infrastructure managers can easily reach these facilities or use the Remote Hands services to quickly respond to operational requirements.

Improve Uptime Improve Uptime

Using a combination of sophisticated systems, state-of-the art infrastructure, processes and experienced technicians, 365 Data Centers has provided 100% uptime since its founding. All facilities have N+1 UPS, on-site generator, and automatic transfer switches.

Scalable Testing and QA Scalable Testing and QA

365 Data Centers’ flexible colocation solutions include custom cages, standard cabinets, and compact cabinets. It can structure solutions that allow expandability of space based on the needs for hosting development and testing servers as well as expandable space for growth or temporary projects.

Improve Security and Compliance Improve Security and Compliance

All 365 Data Centers’ colocation facilities are certified to the highest industry standards and compliance requirements: HIPAA, PCI DSS, SSAE 16, SOC 2, and ISAE 3402. With 24/7/365 restricted access, multiple layers of security, 24/7/365 infrastructure and perimeter monitoring, 365 Data Centers’ secure operations meet HITECH Breach standards

Why Colocate with 365 Data Centers?

365 Data Centers helps hundreds of cloud providers, carriers, content providers and enterprises to innovate faster, improve performance and scale. We operate 10 U.S. carrier-neutral data centers with more than 9MW of redundant power and 160,000 square feet.

Trusted Trusted

With a reliable ten-year operating history, 365 Data Centers has a 100% uptime record with no customer impacting downtime and offers secure, compliant, and flexible colocation solutions.

FLEXIBLE Connected

365 Data Centers’ colocation facilities are carrier-neutral and Internet Exchange (IX)-friendly. They offer easy and cost-effective connectivity to more than sixty carriers, including ten of the top ten telecom providers, eight of the top ten cable providers, and leading social media, online video platforms, and CDNs.

FLEXIBLE Edge Locations

365 Data Centers operates 10 data centers in major and emerging U.S. cities with close proximity to 32 million subscribers and 500,000 businesses. With downtown locations and easy access to fiber routes, 365 Data Centers’ customers achieve low latency access to businesses, households, and wireless subscribers.


365 Data Centers provides the flexibility required to scale quickly and cost-effectively, allowing customers to start small and grow rapidly. With a variety of colocation options, short installation intervals, and temporary colocation alternatives, 365 Data Centers provides colocation solutions that support hybrid cloud environments.

About 365 Data Centers

365 Data Centers is the leading data center solutions provider for cloud, content, carriers and enterprises in tier 2 markets. We operate 10 U.S. data centers and help hundreds of businesses to improve user experience, reduce cost and speed innovation by leveraging our secure, carrier-neutral and reliable edge colocation services. With 100% uptime and industry compliance, 365 ensures that mission-critical application infrastructure is highly available and conveniently accessible.

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