Critical Considerations When Migrating IT Systems to a Colocation Data Center

CRITICAL CONSIDERATIONS WHEN MIGRATING IT SYSTEMS TO A COLOCATION DATA CENTERFor Small and Medium Business (SMB) owners, maintaining computers, servers, and networks can be a burden – especially when the cost of upgrades, service interruptions, and the stress of dealing with security issues arise.

According to the Small Business Technology Survey, more than 40% of SMB owners do their own IT support, with 32% saying that they have an employee who handles it, and 24% mention they pay a third party to do it.

The need for more outside support is why colocation can be such a boon for SMBs. Colocation can be an ideal option for businesses that currently have their own equipment, but want to keep their equipment, applications and data in a safe and secure offsite location.

Colocation allows companies to own, use, and maintain their equipment but share the cost of power, cooling, communications, and data center floor space with other tenants. Colocation is a good choice if the business wants complete control overits own equipment.

SMBsshould consider the following tipswhen choosing a colocation data center:

  • Security – The colocation data center should be fully compliant with all security regulations and equipped with top-of-the-line physical and network security measures to protect assets from theft or disaster.
  • Reliability – The colocation facilityshould be able to ensure 100% uptime and availability.
  • Ease of transition – Businesses should be able to choose the best space and power solutions for business needs and have the ability to change them over time.
  • Application readiness and scalability – The provider should provide flexible options that suit business requirements.
  • Support – Qualified technicians should be at hand to manage infrastructure requirements and issues, and offer 24x7x365 support.
  • Proximity and access to telecom carriers – The facility should be connected to a leading network service provider and cloud companies.

365 Data Centers is a local, carrier-neutral colocation provider that can connect SMBsto the right carrier, partner, managed service, or cloud provider within any of our facilities. We offer flexible pricing models that let customers pay as they grow with no long-term lock in. Be sure to drop us a line if you’d like to learn more about our colocation facilities that are geared towards the needs of SMBs

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