How Colocation Enables Scalability and Operational Efficiency for Businesses

img3.jpgBusinesses are always looking for ways to expand by offering more products or services to their customers; however, expansion often entails an increase in operational costs. Large-scale businesses can easily take these increases in stride, but smaller businesses have to work with smaller budgets and need to assess their options more closely.

Many businesses are considering data center colocation as a more viable alternative to housing their IT resources onsite. Colocation can provide two specific advantages: scalability and increased operational efficiency.

Scalability–While most colocation facilities come with a required lock-in period, there are facilities such as 365 Data Centers, which offer a quick-start, pay-as-you-go option with no long-term commitment required. This allows businesses to better allocate their monthly budgets to activities that are more crucial to their core business, while still leaving them with the option to upgrade when the need arises.

365 Data Centers offers right-sized colocation facilities in 10 major cities all over the U.S. This gives SMBs colocation options that are locally-based, yet nationally accessible through all major carriers. There are 6,000+ available cabinets in different sizes based on the specific needs. In addition, we are carrier-neutral and offer multiple connectivity options including fiber, Ethernet, COAX, or POTS.

Operational Efficiency – Renting space in a colocation facility allows businesses to retain total control over IT hardware but, frees them from the high costs associated with storing, securing, powering, and cooling the servers in house. 365 Data Centers also offers 24x7x365 live support that frees SMBs from the need to hire dedicated full-time IT maintenance staff.

It is also important to note that scalability goes hand in hand with operational efficiency. The ability to increase capacity as the business grows while cutting down on maintenance and security costs can give SMBs a considerable advantage that will allow them to set their sights on bigger goals.

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