Nashville Internet Exchange

What is the NashIXTM?

The Nashville Internet Exchange (aka NashIXTM) is a public peering Internet exchange platform for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content providers, bussinesses and educational institutions to exchange Internet traffic.

  • The NashIXTM is comprised of Juniper networking equipment that enables participants to exchange Internet traffic using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • The NashIXTM is the first Internet peering exchange in Nashville
  • The NashIXTM is hosted at 365 Data Centers’ Nashville secure colocation facility at 147 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219.


The unique location of the NashIXTM will speed up the Internet and reduce the cost for service providers and businesses that currently connect to distant IXs in other cities such as Chicago and Atlanta.

The NashIXTM solidifies Nashville’s standing as an American tech hub.


The NashIXTM participants – Internet Service Providers, broadband providers, content providers, educational and research institutions and local businesses that use BGP to exchange Internet traffic with other providers – will get the following benefits:

bulletaroundLower Latency, Faster Internet Speeds. Having all of these participants exchanging traffic locally will speed up access to the Internet by eliminating the backhaul to other peering cities, like Atlanta and Chicago. Backhauling traffic introduces more round trip latency which makes the Internet feel slower. The NashIXTM will lower latency by allowing participants to keep traffic local.

bulletboxReduced Backhaul Charges, Lower Connection Costs. The NashIXTM will lower the cost of connecting to the Internet by reducing the telecommunications transpot costs to backhaul Internet traffic from Nashville to the closest Internet peering cities of Chicago and Atlanta. Connecting over local fiber in Nashville to reach the NashIXTM can be 70% less expensive than back hauling Internet traffic to Atlanta or Chicago. For customers hosted within the 365 Data Centers colocation facility in Nashville, cross connecting to the NashIXTM is free.


Standard Port Pricing Physical Fiber Cross Connect Early Access (sign-up before September 30, 2015)
  • 1G $350 MRC, No NRC
  • 10G $1000 MRC, No NRC
  • 1st Year First Port Free
  • Thereafter 50% off Port Pricing Until 95P traffic for one month on the NashIXTM reaches 15 Gbps, at which point it goes to Standard Pricing


The NashIXTM is available now and connecting is free for Early Access participants.

  • Send an email to to request a connection
  • A participant will need to get access to the 365 Data Centers’ Nashville colocation facility at 147 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219. Access can be via a private line, Ethernet Private Line, or colocation.
  • For more information on the carriers in the facility, visit:

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