WHAT DATA CENTER COMPLIANCE MEANS FOR YOUR BUSINESSRegulatory compliance is a non-negotiable requirement for companies that deal with financial information and sensitive customer data. But while most other businesses see it as just another addition to their overhead costs, compliance can actually be leveraged as a tool for unlocking value and letting customers know that their company is a serious about privacy.

While different companies have different compliance requirements based on their industry and the clients they serve, the top colocation providers are fully compliant with major standards such as:


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) addresses the security and privacy of health-related data. The Privacy and Security Rules of HIPAA work together to protect all paper and electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).

Since data centers typically store, transmit or process ePHI, they must comply with HITECH standards to meet HIPAA compliance.


The Statement on Standards of Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE 16) audit measures the controls relevant to financial reporting. Type 1 reports on a data center’s description and assertion of controls, as reported by the company. Type 2 provides a description of an auditor’s test of the accuracy of the controls and the implementation and effectiveness of controls over a specific period of time.

A service provider that is SSAE 16 compliant is showing that they have been through a thorough audit examination and that control objectives and control activities – which typically include controls over information technology and corresponding processes – as well as safeguards, have all been demonstrated to be adequate and effective.

Benefits of a Compliant Data Center

  • Reduced Complexity. Colocating your servers in a compliant data center takes the burden and the complexity of compliance out of your hands.
  • Save on Costs. A compliant service provider allows your IT team to focus on core applications directly related to your business, not on the day-to-day details involved with server updates, data center infrastructure, network management and security.
  • Security. Top colocation providers are outfitted with managed servers, cloud, power and network infrastructure built with redundant routers, switches and paired universal threat management devices to protect sensitive information.
  • Availability. The use of high-availability (HA) solutions in a fully redundant and compliant data center assures clients of uninterrupted uptime and data availability.

365 Data Centers is certified to the highest industry standards and is fully compliant with SSAE16 and HIPAA. Our colocation services offer a 24x365 live support Network Operations Center, with staff that are adept at escalation and natural disaster procedures.

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