Colocation Access Policy & Procedures

In order to ensure the safety and security of our facility, our clients and their colocated systems, has specific policies and procedures that all employees, clients and guests must follow. This document outlines the policies and procedures for colocation access., at its sole discretion, reserves the right to amend these policies and procedures without prior written notice. However, if the policies and procedures are amended, our goal is to notify our clients and/or agents at least 10 days prior to the new policy effective date.

1. Colocation Authorized Access List – All colocation clients are required to complete and submit a Colocation Authorized Access List. The list specifies individuals who are pre-authorized by the Authorized Signer of the Colocation Service Order (the person who signed the contract) to be issued security access credentials from which grants un-escorted access to the client’s colocation space. The Colocation Authorized Access List also enables the Authorized Signer on the account to designate additional person(s) with the authority to add or remove individuals from the Authorized Access List. All individuals who are listed on the Colocation Authorized Access List must contact Customer Support to schedule a time to have their hand scanned and security credentials assigned. Once security credentials are assigned to a pre-authorized individual, that individual will have 24×7 un-escorted access to the specified client’s colocation space until the Authorized Signer of the account, or other designated person, revokes that individual’s access privileges.

2. Age Restriction – No persons under age 16 are permitted to enter the Colocation Data Center. Customers accompanied by children under age 16 will be refused access to the Data Center.

3. Valid Photo ID – ALL persons entering the Colocation Data Center must provide a valid government issued photo ID.

4. Guests and Vendors – Guests and / or vendors (any individual not listed on the client’s Colocation Authorized Access List) will need to have prior authorization from the Authorized Signer on the account, or other person authorized to add and or remove individuals as designated on the Colocation Authorized Access List. This authorization must be provided to Customer Support via one of the following methods: E-mail to from either the contact e-mail address of the Authorized Signer listed on the Service Order or the contact e-mail of another person authorized to add/remove individuals; Fax on company letterhead to 561 869-3320; or a letter signed in person in the presence of staff. The request must contain the guest / vendors’ full name and photo ID number; e.g., driver license number or other valid photo ID number.


5. Check-In at Security Window – All individuals are required to check-in at the security window upon arriving at the Colocation DataCenter. Authorized Clients must produce their photo ID in order to gain access to their designated cabinet or cage. The security personnel or staff member on duty will verify the ID with the Authorized Access List on file for the client. Once ID is verified, the security personnel will exchange the government ID for a ID badge. This badge is to be worn around the neck of the Colo user at all times while within the Colocation facility. Additionally, each Authorized Client must hand scan to enter the main Colocation center. Any pre-approved individuals who do not have a hand scan on file will have their information recorded in the Access Card Exception Log. You are required to surrender the ID badge upon leaving the premises.

6. Keys for Cabinets – retains keys for all cabinets and cages. After ID is verified via photo ID and hand scan, a staff member will open the client’s cabinet(s) and/or cages(s). The client is required to lock the cabinets(s) and/or cage(s) and check-out at the security window prior to leaving the Colocation Data Center.

7. Non Permitted Items – Food, Drinks, and Cameras are not permitted inside the Colocation facility at any time. Combustibles are not permitted to be stored inside the Colocation cabinets. I.E. Cardboard boxes, papers, etc. Smoking is NOT permitted inside of any facility.

8. Wireless Policy – Collocation customers may not install wireless equipment/antenna on the Data Center premises or within the facility without prior approval from Customers are responsible for removing unauthorized equipment from the premise.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to our support staff at, or via phone at 561.869.6100, option 2.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation!