Peering with BBOI

This document outlines the guidelines and prerequisites that BBOI uses to determine whether a network qualifies for Settlement-Free Interconnection, also known as Peering, with AS19151. BBOI reserves the right to modify, replace or nullify this document at any time. All questions regarding this document, or requests for Peering, should be directed to

BBOI is the Carrier and Wholesale arm of the company and is a global Internet and transport backbone provider, which maintains a global MPLS/IP infrastructure, operated under global Autonomous System Number 19151.  BBOI has an aggregate peak bandwidth utilization in excess of 200 Gbps, with a very balanced traffic ratio of 1:1 inbound with likewise networks.

This document has been last updated on October 20th, 2017.


1. Operations Requirements

1.1 Both parties shall operate an experienced, fully staffed Network Operations Center that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The network operations center shall provide an escalation path for resolving network issues in a timely fashion.  Issues of a non-emergency technical nature should be responded to within 48 hours.
1.2 Both parties must demonstrate and enforce strict filtering policies to prevent route leaks.
1.3 Both parties shall be responsive to unsolicited bulk email, hacking, Denial of Service, and other network security and abuse issues. A good faith effort should be made to provide a qualified engineer to trace ongoing network attacks within a reasonable amount of time.
1.4 Both parties shall provide access to a route server, looking glass, or similar service for the purposes of routing audits, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.
1.5 Both parties should make a good faith effort to facilitate communication regarding network maintenance that will affect traffic exchange.


2. Technical Requirements

2.1 Both parties shall maintain sufficient backbone and interconnection capacity to enable saturation free delivery of the traffic being exchanged. Both parties should act proactively to establish additional capacity to accommodate traffic growth.
2.2 Both parties are expected to register their routes in a public Internet Routing Registry (IRR) database, for the purposes of filtering.  Both parties should make good faith efforts to keep this information up to date. BBOI’s objects are located in the BBOI IRR, that it maintains and operates.
2.3 Both parties shall make every reasonable effort to restrict the transmission of Denial of Service attacks and packets with forged source addresses from their network.
2.4 Both parties shall announce only their own routes and the routes of their transit customers to the other party. No other routes are permitted, and may be filtered if detected.
2.5 Neither party shall establish a static route, a route of last resort, or otherwise send traffic to the other party for a route not announced via BGP. Neither party shall alter, sell, or give next-hop to a third party. These activities are considered theft of service, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
2.6 Neither party shall announce to the other a more specific route of a prefix heard from a third party transit customer.
2.7 Under no circumstances shall the interconnection partner be a simultaneous peer and transit customer.
2.8 Generally, AS19151 does not peer with downstream transit customers of existing peering partners but this may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


3. Interconnection Requirements

3.1 Public Interconnection Requirements – North America
3.1.a Interconnection at a minimum of three (3) diverse peering cities (one east-coast, one midwest, one west-coast).
3.1.b At least 250Mb/s of aggregate traffic measured at peak times must be exchanged.
3.2 Public Interconnection Requirements – Europe
3.2.a Interconnection at one (1) or more peering points in common.
3.2.b At least 125Mb/s of aggregate traffic measured at peak times must be exchanged.
3.3 Public Interconnection Requirements – Global
3.3.a Interconnection at two (2) geographically diverse continents (North America and Europe).
3.3.b At least 125Mb/s of aggregate traffic measured at peak times must be exchanged.
3.4 Private Interconnection Requirements – North America
3.4.a Private interconnection at a minimum of three (3) geographically diverse private peering cities (one east-coast, one midwest, one west-coast).
3.4.b At least 500Mb/s of aggregate traffic measured at peak times must be exchanged.
3.4.c Uniform interconnection speeds are preferred; interconnection should have no less than 1000Mb/s of capacity.
3.5 Private Interconnection Requirements – Europe
3.5.a Private interconnection at one (1) private peering city.
3.5.b At least 500Mb/s of aggregate traffic measured at peak times must be exchanged.
3.5.c Uniform interconnection speeds are preferred; interconnection should have no less than 1000Mb/s of capacity.
3.6 Private Interconnection Requirements – Global
3.6.a Private interconnection at a minimum of two (2) geographically diverse continents (North America and Europe).
3.6.b At least 500Mb/s of aggregate traffic measured at peak times must be exchanged.
3.6.c Uniform interconnection speeds are preferred; interconnection should have no less than 1000Mb/s of capacity.


4. General Policy

4.1 This policy may be updated from time to time, as market and traffic conditions affecting network interconnections change. We reserve the right to modify, replace, or nullify this document at any time.
4.2 In the event of a severe, criminal, or quality-of-service impacting violation of these policies, the interconnection may be temporarily suspended without notice.
4.3 Any interconnection may be terminated for any reason, with 30 days notice.
4.4 All requirements must be met at the time the request for Peering is made, and must continue to be met for the duration of the interconnection.
4.5 Meeting all of the requirements stated in the Policy does not guarantee we will enter a settlement-free interconnection relationship with Applicant. We reserve the right to deny settlement-free peering to an Applicant based on business reasons. We also reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy for special case or legacy peering partners.
4.6 A good faith effort should be made to split the cost, if any, for Private Network Interconnections.
4.7 Applicants must be listed and provide updated contact information (if applicable) on BBOI maintains a record at
4.8 Applicants may apply for settlement-free peering once every six (6) months.
4.9 We require that Applicants seeking settlement-free peering in the United States agree to provide reciprocal settlement-free peering with AS19151 in the Applicant’s home market.


Digital Realty-Telx New York60 Hudson St., 9th Flr.
New York, NY 10013 US212-233Rack 09 E3.03   Digital Realty-Telx San Francisco (200 Paul)200 Paul Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110 US415-822

3rd Flr, MMR, Cab. 516/td>


Peering Information            
ASN 19151          
Peering Information          
Approx Prefix Count 10000 (IPv4) and 100 (IPv6)          
Contact Information


Network Operations (E-Mail)          
Network Operations Direct (Phone) +1 404-751-9424 or +1 866-365-6246, option 4          
Peering Administration (E-Mail)          
Private Peering Locations


Exchange Point  Location IPv4 Address  IPv6 Address Port Speed  Status Comment
ChIX Chicago, IL, US 2001:504:41:110::22 GigE Active None
Coresite-Any2 LA Los Angeles, CA, US 2001:504:13::210:33 10GigE Active None
Coresite-Any2 Northern California San Jose, CA, US 2001:504:13:3::35   Active None
Digital Realty-Telx Atlanta Atlanta, GA, US 2001:478:132::12   Active None
Digital Realty-Telx New York New York, NY, US 2001:504:17:115::18   Active  None
Equinix Ashburn Ashburn, VA, US 2001:504:0:2:0:1:9151:1 20GigE Active None
Equinix Atlanta Atlanta, GA, US 2001:504:10::15   Active None
Equinix Chicago Chicago, IL, US 2001:504:0:4:0:1:9151:1 10GigE Active None
Equinix Dallas Dallas, TX, US 2001:504:0:5:0:1:9151:1 10GigE Active None
Equinix Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA, US 2001:504:0:3:0:1:9151:1 10GigE Active None
Equinix New York New York, NY, US 2001:504:F::9151:1 10GigE Active None
Equinix Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA, US 2001:504:D::9151:1   Active None
Equinix San Jose San Jose, CA, US 2001:504:0:1:0:1:9151:1 10GigE Active None
FL-IX Miami, FL, US 2001:504:40:108::1:11   Active None
LAIIX/CIIX Los Angeles, CA, US 2001:504:A::A501:9151:1   Active None
NOTA Miami, FL, US 2001:478:124::167 10GigE Active None
NYIIX New York, NY, US 2001:504:1::A501:9151:1 10GigE Active None
Private Peering Locations


Facility Address  NPA – NXX Notes      
365 Data Centers Nashville 147 Fourth Avenue, 8th Floor
Nashville, TN 37219 US
615-460 None      
Cologix 421 West Church Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202 US

904-634 None      
Colo Solutions Orlando 100 W. Lucerne Cir, Suite 201

Orlando, FL 32801 US

407-210 None      
Market Post Tower
55 S. Market St.
San Jose, CA 95113 US
408-918 None      
One Wilshire Bldg.
624 S. Grand Ave., 8th Flr.
Los Angeles, CA 90017 US
213-489 Cab. AC07      
DataBank Pittsburgh (PIt1) 100 S. Commons, Suite 126
Pittsburgh, PA 15212 US
412-323 Cab.23      
Digital Realty-Telx Atlanta 56 Marietta St. NW, 2nd/4th Flrs.
Atlanta, GA 30303 US
404-475 2nd Flr; Cabs. C1/C69+MMA, 4th Flr: Cr. Rm.      
Equinix Ashburn (DC2) 21715 Filigree Ct., Bldg. F
Ashburn, VA 20147 US
703-723 None      
Equinix Atlanta (AT1/AT2) 56 Marietta St. NW, 5th/6th Flrs.
Atlanta, GA 30303 US
404-525 010.001.06.MMC3.03.06      
Equinix (CH1) 350 E. Cermak Rd., 5th Flr.
Chicago, IL 60616 US
312-225 Cage 990, Cab. 103      
Equinix (DA1) 1950 N. Stemmons Fwy., Ste. 1034
Dallas, TX 75207 US
214-782 None      
Equinix (LA1) 600 W. 7th St., 6th Flr.
Los Angeles, CA 90017 US
213-270 Cage 435, Cabs. 101-104      
Equinix Miami (MI1) 50 NE 9th St., 2nd Flr.
Miami, FL 33132 US
305-373 None      
Equinix Miami (MI2) 36 NE Second Ave.
Miami, FL 33132 US
305-375 None      
Equinix New York (NY9) 111 8th. Avenue, Suite 734
New York, NY 10011
212-206 99 RRB810 Shelves 1 & 2      
Equinix Newark (NY1) 165 Halsey St., 8th Flr
Newark, NJ 07102 US
913-792 None      
Equinix Palo Alto (SV8) 1529 Bryant Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301
650-617 None      
Equinix San Jose (SV1) 11 Great Oaks Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95119 US
408-360 Cage 1289      
365 Data Centers Boca Raton (BCT) 3500 NW Boca Raton Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33431 US
561-368 800 & 900 Bldg. MMR      
365 Data Centers Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) 3250 West Commercial Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33309 US
954-334 Carrier MMR      
JT Communications/ColoATL 55 Marietta St. NW, 5th/8th Flrs.
Atlanta, GA 30303 US
404-525 MMR      
Lifeline Data Centers 733 W. Henry Street, 2nd Flr.
Indianapolis, IN 46225 US
317-263 C04.09_MFP 1_Left Pos. 2/Cm Carrier Cage      
Miami Data Vault 100 NE 80th Ter., 1st/3rd Flrs.
Miami, FL 33138 US
305-756 1st Flr. Carrier Rm.      
PhoenixNAP 3402 East University Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85034 US
602-688 None      
Switch Communications/Super NAP 7135 South Decatur Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89118 US
702-444 None      
XO Communications 101 Molloy St.
Nashville, TN 37201 US
615-777 RR 1.9004.8 FDP      
zColo Columbus 251 Neilston Street
Columbus, OH 43219 US
614-222 RR 10.46