An Important Message from 365 Data Centers’ CEO, Bob DeSantis 

Dear 365 Data Center Customers,

We extend our thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted by the coronavirus (COVID19) and utmost appreciation to all of the local community members, healthcare workers, and public and private entity leaders working toward reducing the risk of the spread of this virus.

Given the public health and resulting business continuity concerns related to COVID-19, I want to assure you that the entire 365 Data Centers team has been proactive to ensure that all the data center, network, and cloud services that we deliver to you will continue in normal course. 365 is a business continuity service provider and believes it is well prepared to partner with you to protect and transport your data.

In line with our core values and in strict compliance with our Business Continuity Plan and Facility Emergency Action Plan, our focus on protecting 365 employees, assuring the continuity of essential services from our vendors, and communicating appropriately with our customers will best position 365 to continue to deliver the services that you expect. Specifically, 365 has taken the following actions:  

  • Implemented a rotating work-from-home policy for all non-essential personnel in order to ensure social distancing without impacting customer service or business processes;
  • Asked our employees who may experience flu and virus like symptoms to stay home;
  • Incorporated an appropriate social distancing strategy within our facilities and offices;
  • Arranged for enhanced cleaning procedures within our facilities and offices;
  • Limited business travel; and
  • Increased communication and coordination with our critical infrastructure, network, and cloud platform vendors relating to their expected deliverables. 

These actions will enable 365 to maintain operational readiness and protect against service disruptions by minimizing risk to employees and business associates. During this time, you can further partner with 365 by limiting your authorized representative visits to our data centers to those that are only mission critical. This will further protect the health of 365 essential employees and your representatives. To financially support this request, 365 will provide Remote Hands Service at no charge through April 30, 2020. 

Since we appreciate you may need to visit our data centers over the next six weeks, we respectfully request that you and your representatives follow the guidelines below to minimize the chance of infection: 

  • Do not dispatch any representative exhibiting any virus symptoms to a facility;
  • Clean hands frequently with hand sanitizer or soap and water while at a facility;
  • Sanitize your frequently touched devises at a facility;
  • Cover mouth & nose when coughing or sneezing while at a facility;
  • Monitor the previous travel history of your authorized representatives;
  • Maintain 10 feet of social distancing and a handshake-free zone while at a facility; and
  • Review the resources below for useful guidance. 

World Health Organization

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 

We understand our customers may need additional network and cloud capacity directly tied to remote work activities of their employees and customers. 365 has ensured that it has the capacity needed to fulfill all of our customers’ needs.  Please contact us via email at and members of our team will work with you to increase the capacity requested.  

365 Data Centers will continue to monitor and adhere to the CDC advisories and recommendations to prioritize the safety of our employees and business partners and to maintain operational readiness. We will add measures as necessary to protect our employees, assure the continuity of essential services from our vendors, and communicate the same to you. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to your local 365 Data Center facility team or email us at

Thank you for your trust and confidence in 365.

Bob DeSantis



365 Data Centers understands we are faced with challenging times as our nation continues to cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We fully recognize the hardship this presents to businesses of all sizes as they shift to accommodate a remote workforce and demand for more bandwidth. 365 remains committed to the success of your business and we are here to help. 

To support these requirements, we are offering our customers the ability to increase their internet and transport services to their port speed, add additional SSL VPNs for our managed firewall services and increase capacity on any cloud service offerings on a temporary month to month basis. In an attempt to relieve some of the stress caused during this difficult time, 365 is offering customers access to increased services that can be especially helpful in the current environment, including:

•    Complimentary Remote Hands Service through April 30, 2020.
•    The ability for customers to increase internet and transport services to their port speed.
•    The ability for customers to add additional SSL VPNs for our managed firewall services. 
•    Access to increased capacity on any cloud service offerings on a temporary month-to-month basis.


Our dedicated team of data center, network operations centers and customer service centers employees continue to make the sacrifices required to enable you to entrust your IT infrastructure requirements to 365 during this time. If you’d like to join us in thanking our essential employees who have kept businesses operational, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and include a note in the message field. We will send your message along to the appropriate employee.