Edge Data Center Solutions

Cloud computing has enabled businesses to process an extraordinary amount of data to provide new services, business intelligence and mobile apps that reside on all of our devices. And with ubiquitous mobile access, business applications are all moving to the cloud.

All of this content, cloud computing processing power, and network infrastructure needs to live somewhere in the physical world and 365 Data Centers is ready to help. What can we solve for you?



Carrier growth relies on flexibility, scalability, and an expansive content and cloud ecosystem. Let 365 Data Center’s growing number of Internet Exchanges and 13 carrier-neutral, industry compliant facilities support your growth.

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Cloud Providers

As a cloud provider, you are driving the transformation of the IT industry. The reality is, you’re also creating the technology needed for web-based, on-demand software and services. 365 can help you scale and connect!

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Faster Networks – Edge Data Centers

Smarter, faster devices are increasing the demand for faster networks and cloud computing. It’s a vicious cycle that has no end in sight. 365 Data Centers has solutions to improve agility and scale.

Edge Locations

365 operates 13 data centers in major and emerging U.S. cities with close proximity to 82 million subscribers and 500,000 businesses.

Content Providers

Managing costs and content distribution in the age of OTT and 4K video is becoming increasingly complex and critical to your profitability, and the quality of users’ experience cannot suffer. 365 Data Centers supports you by providing edge locations to bring content and service closer to your subscribers.

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Enterprise IT continues to evolve through the use of Cloud-based applications and hybrid cloud infrastructure. 365 operates 13 data centers nation-wide and helps many enterprises speed development, improve uptime and reduce costs while also increasing their security and compliance.

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